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Automated Outsourcing.

It's not often that all out-sourced work goes to one company. Jobs can be allocated by brand, product type, postcode, a variety of other criteria, or even a combination. Phase4's automated outsourcing solution ensures that your service jobs always find the right networks and service agents, giving you complete control over who carries out your service work.

In The Cloud.

Phase4 lives in the cloud, giving you all the convenience of a web based system with the added security, reliability and availability that are vital for your business. No matter how many service jobs your company handles, Phase4 will scale to meet your needs.

Appointment Handling.

Managing your field engineers is a tricky job. Trying to get the most out of your staff may result in over-booking, whilst under-booking results in wasted resources.

Phase4 allows you to automate the process of allocating appointment dates to customers as they call, allowing your staff to follow a simple process. Once an area is fully booked Phase4 plots each appointment on a Google Map, allowing your route manager to check and re-order the day's appointments visually.

Job Management.

Service jobs can be simple or very involved. Either way it is important to be able to manage exactly what's going on now, and view what's happened in the past. With ease-of-use at the forefront of design, Phase4 makes all relevant information available to you at first glance, whilst the job's history is always readily available.


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