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Phase4 is a cloud based Service Management Application, designed to improve the flow of information within the service industry. Phase4 provides a revolutionary step forward in reporting and communication for the industry.

Communication is the key.

The service industry is a complex one, with manufacturers and retailers outsourcing their after-sales work to a wide-range of specialised repairers, call centres and re-furbishers. Whilst this benefits your customers by providing a cost-effective solution, it can become hard to manage and too often it is a real struggle to answer even the most simple queries from your customers.

Good communication is the key to solving this problem, so Phase4 has been designed from an industry's perspective, understanding the needs of different companies and facilitating easy communication between them. You get instant access to a wealth of knowledge about how you're handling your after-sales service, and your customers can get the answers they need - no matter which organisation or sub-contractor they get in touch with.

With your communication working as it should you save time and money, and your customers get the high levels of expert service that they expect.

Share vital information instantly.

Often, it is not enough to simply keep your call centre informed as to the progress of jobs. What happens when the customer needs to update their contact details, or inform you of a holiday or other important information? If there is no effective means of passing data in both directions this information can get lost, resulting in dissatisfied customers, and avoidable delays. Phase4 is designed for industries where communication with other departments and organisations is paramount. You have access to information given by your service network in real-time, making important information instantly available to all parties concerned and ensuring your customers' experience is always a seamless one, inspiring confidence in your brand.

Accurate reporting keeps your finger on the pulse.

The key to accurate reporting is accurate data, and if you outsource your after-sales service work this isn't always easy to get hold of. With Phase4 managing the data across your entire service network, all the information you need is in one place. Reporting on job progression, service agent performance and ongoing trends is easy with Phase4's comprehensive and simple to use reporting tools.

With Phase4, the details of a job only need to be entered once for everyone to view and update them. This not only minimises human error, but also means that whatever data you're accessing is guaranteed to be bang up to date.

Operate your business your way.

New software should make things easier, not harder. That's why Phase4 has been designed to be flexible, allowing you to customise the handling of every aspect of your service process. This minimises training requirements for your staff and allows you to get started sooner.

Though your business has a lot of common areas with the industry, naturally there are always processes you handle that are not done exactly the same as other companies. Being able to operate your department in the most effective way is important to keep you efficient. Phase4 can be customised to reflect how you operate in a way that is compatible with your internal processes, allowing you this level of control minimises training and makes the system far more logical for other companies in the industry who you share job information with.


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