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Phase4 for Networks.

Managing your client's expectations, service network performance and customer experience can be a difficult task, and having access to the right information is crucial to managing all aspects of your business.

Phase4 offers a wide range of job allocation options, allowing you to control how you distribute the work you receive. Real-time management information allows you to report on the performance of your service network.

With access to all updates provided by your service network, Phase4 gives you the ability to monitor each progress update that is made.

Phase4 for Manufacturers.

The consistency, accuracy and visibility of your management information is key to improving customer service.

Phase4 provides you with real-time management information, analysing data from across your service network, giving you centralised control and visibility of your service jobs.

Allowing you to automatically send and receive work within your service network, Phase4 keeps you in control of how your service work is managed.

Phase4 for Service Agents

No matter what processes you need to manage, Phase4 can help you track your service jobs. Live reporting gives you an instant overview of active service jobs within your business, allowing you to spend less time analysing and more time delivering a high quality of service to your clients.

Phase4 comes with everything you'd expect from a fully-featured service management application. It handles appointment scheduling, route planning, spares order management, quotations, invoicing and more.

What's different about Phase4 is that it allows you to share service job updates with your clients. Historically, clients have invested in their own web-based systems, leaving service agents with an increasing number of systems to check and update individually. Phase4 provides the infrastructure for a single web-based system for many of your clients. As you can run your company on the same platform that your clients are, you will never have to manually update your clients systems again!

Phase4 for Retailers.

Deciding what product lines to restock for the next season should involve analysing service job costs on existing products. Though getting this information in the right format can often be difficult.

Phase4 provides you with accurate management information by keeping you in control of your of after-sales service.

By using Phase4 to automatically allocate work within your service network, this gives you access to all updates provided by your service network and access to monitor every step of progress that is made.


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